Watchmen are called to watch for danger and threats, warn those who are in danger, and to protect those God has placed around them.

Jun 28 - 29 2024


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About Watchmen

Based in Boise, Idaho, Watchmen Training was established for the purpose of helping the individual, the small business, church or the major corporation with the challenges we all face when it comes to learning how to stay safe, keep those around us safe, and improve our lives on a day to day basis.

We were formed out of a passion for quality, principal-focused training because of two main beliefs: principles do not change over time, and we will remember principles, even if we forget step by step processes. Whether at home, in the community, or at the workplace, principles will guide you through life if taken seriously, studied carefully, and practiced regularly. We would love to work with you to build confidence and skill in all areas of security in your personal, social and business practices.

Our heart is to train people to be alert to the needs, challenges and potential dangers around them and to give them the tools needed to meet them. More than just giving you tools, our hope and prayer is that we will take you to a new level of awareness, safety and confidence.

upcoming classes

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If you are interested in scheduling a class please call Kerry at (208)972-1686

Great instructors with vast knowledge. Took the Enhanced Carry Course. Great classroom instructions and outdoor qualifications class. I came out a better shooter by implementing proper techniques given in class and on the range. Would highly recommend the course to everyone.
Willie A
Women and men, novice or seasoned shooters, can learn a lot from Watchmen. Great friendly welcoming instructors who are gifted ..in what they do. I've taken 2 classes from them, can't wait until the next chance I have for another.
Sam M
What an incredible day of training! The amount of experience that this crew has is unsurpassed. I have used this company multiple times to level up my skill set. In a corporate arena we have used them for our teams enhanced CCW’s and also as an opportunity for team bonding. No matter what your skill level is at, they have the perfect class for you and your needs!
Brandon C
I took the concealed carry course several weekends ago through Watchmen Tactical Training, and could not recommend the course enough. They went over the relevant laws, gun safety practices, and proper storing/maintenance of your firearm, as well as other useful information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a firearm owner.
Darrin R
Our school, Boise Classical Academy, has had several teachers trained by Kerry and the Watchmen team, and the training was outstanding. A lot of practical, hands-on instruction at a out door shooting range. We would highly recommend to anyone who wants more confidence in carrying a firearm.
Abra R
Packed into the legally required hours for enhanced conceal carry permitting is the personal firearms training that everyone should have. If you want to carry, do this first.
Brad S
Awesome class, great instructors (Kerry & Max) they were both very informative and great at explaining and showing me how to use my gun the proper way. Awesome class, great instructors (Kerry & Max) they were both very informative and great at explaining and showing me how to use my gun the proper way.
Darrick N
I learned a lot from your training and I appreciated the time spent with each person in the class.
Jason M
The class that you guys held was amazing! So glad that I was able to attend. It was a well done, serious, but at the same time kicked back class with a lot of very, very useful information. A definite confidence booster!
Laurie H
Kerry’s instruction is second to none. I have taken both the enhanced concealed carry class and the level 2 class from him and I could not offer a more emphatic recommendation for any class from him. His depth and breadth of knowledge leads his courses to answer your questions naturally without awkward transitions or leaving knowledge gaps.
Sam T
I had always wanted to learn how to safely fire and carry a handgun, so after lots of recommendations from friends to take this course from Watchmen Training, I decided to give it a try. I chose the “Enhanced Concealed Course” and was beyond impressed.
Peter C
I have been actively training dry and live all the skills you and your coworkers had taught me. I remember coming into the training having a fairly decent shot, but through all the tips and adjustments you folks had provided. I was the only one able to split both of my cards with 2 or less shots.
Drew B
I've owned a pistol since I was in the 7th grade. My wife who wasn't raised around guns took a class from Watchmen Training and now shoots better than I do. I guess I better take a class!
Tom C



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