Rifle and Shotgun Training

If you see your rifle as a tool for protecting you and your family, we agree!

Based on that belief, our rifle training begins with the basic principles of function and purpose for a personal protection rifle.

The advanced levels of rifle training focus on refining those foundational skills to unconscious competence. We offer a series of ongoing training to bring you to that place where you are confident and competent.


In this class, you will learn the fundamental skills of operating a carbine type rifle and build your confidence in using this tool to defend yourself and/or those you care about.

The classroom portion of the training will include practical information, nomenclature, discussions, and exercises to identify and train the fundamental principles of operating your rifle.

The next portion of the class will be the range portion where we will put into live practice what was discussed in the classroom session.

Here are some of the questions we will answer in this training:

  • What are the cardinal rules of firearms safety?
  • How does the rifle work?
  • How do I clean and maintain it?
  • How do I safely load, unload and store it?
  • How do I safely and tactically operate my rifle?
  • How and when do I use my rifle to defend myself or others?
  • How does repetitive, technically perfect training affect my abilities with my rifle?
  • What do I need to do after a deadly force encounter?
  • What is the significance and/or importance of ongoing training?


Advanced classes are designed to be ongoing, increasing the student’s skills and abilities with each new level of training, depending on how far they wish to go in mastering their rifle, equipment and skills.

The classroom sessions will start with a brief review, refreshing the principles covered in previous training. Then we will move forward, applying the basics to more complex decision-making under the stress and pressure of time and added complications.

The range training will incorporate the fundamentals while raising the bar on your skills through a variety of increasingly challenging rifle drills.

Here are some of the questions we answer throughout our advanced handgun courses:

  • How important is regular practice of the principles of rifle operation?
  • How do pressure and stress affect my ability to safely and tactically operate my rifle?
  • How much time do I have to respond to a deadly force attack?
  • What part does movement play when I am defending myself or others?
  • How do I deal with more than one attacker?
  • How do I shoot from different positions and angles?
  • How does distance affect the use of a rifle for protection purposes?


Learn practical skills for operating your shotgun. Build confidence in these tools through guided repetition as we walk you through the process of using your shotgun for personal protection.

This class will be laid out very similar to the rifle class, with the same schedule.

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