Kerry Laframboise

Founder / CEO

I was hired as a Correctional Officer for the Idaho Department of Correction in 1989 and worked many different positions in many different departments until 2004. During this time I was blessed to receive many hours of training including, but not limited to: Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Communication/De-Escalation, First-Aid and more. 

In 2004 all Law Enforcement training was delegated to the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy. I was hired by the Idaho POST Academy and worked for them until 2016. During this time I had the opportunity to attend more training in firearms, adult learning concepts and principles, psycho-motor skill training, scenario-based training, fitness instructor, and more.

 In 2012 I took what I had been learning and started Watchmen Training with the intent of offering quality training to those seeking it in the private sector. I discovered that teaching in the civilian arena required that I change my approach and presentation format.  But the principles were the same.  I continued learning and refining my teaching skills.

 In 2016 my wife and I decided it was time to retired from the State of Idaho and focus on training that was more removed from the influences of politics, bureaucracy and ambition.  As I began focusing more on Watchmen Training, I was recruited by a fellow instructor and friend to work for Triton Management, training their investigators. I found, once again, that I needed to expand my approach and presentation to fit yet another audience. 

 All of these adventures, plus continued, ongoing research and training have honed and shaped me, my philosophies and teaching practices, to today, where I can implement all of that learning and experience in every training venue I offer.


Today, I enjoy all aspects of training in many different settings and venues.  I have a growing passion for challenging diverse people-groups in varied training environments to train at the highest levels of retention possible. Why settle for mediocre, status quo training that will be forgotten in less than a month, when quality training can help you do so much more?

 I offer principle-based psycho-motor skills training that will take you to new levels of confidence and retention. I believe principles do not change, even though techniques and programs are constantly changing. Master the fundamental principles and the rest will follow.

 Over the years I have found that psycho-motor skills training must be done in an interactive Tell-Show-Do format in order to store the information deeper in the mind so that it can be retrieved and utilized, even when under extreme pressure and life-threatening conditions.

 The classes at Watchmen Training incorporate these principles and more, so we can give you the training you need and take you to the next level of skill and ability. 

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